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Analyze your Course Content

In this step, you will focus more on the content you are planning to present in your course. The questions you may think about:

  • Is the textbook sufficient to present all the necessary information?
  • What kind of other materials can I add into the course?
  • Where can I find other materials?
  • Do I need to obtain copyright for the materials?
  • Will they be accessible for those who have disabilities?
  • Are they going to be able to access the materials without having any technical difficulties?
  • What is the best format to present the materials?
  • How do I need to segment the course materials? (e.g. Chapter by Chapter vs. Week by Week)

The answers to these questions will assist you to develop the blueprint of your course design in addition to course syllabus. It will also help you when you are creating the course content at the development stage.

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