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Develop a Blueprint of your Course Design

In this stage, you are expected to find the catalog description of your course and create a blueprint focusing on the major components of your course.


Content is the first component we can easily extract from the catalog description of your course. At most of the time, content is the most visible component in the catalog descriptions.

Learning Domains and Objectives

Learning domains and objectives may also be identified from the catalog description. We will utilize the revised version of Bloom's Taxonomy (http://www.odu.edu/educ/roverbau/Bloom/blooms_taxonomy.htm). They will be determined based on what we are expecting the learners to accomplish at the end of the course. Please make sure that your course does not have any predetermined learning objectives mandated by the National standards and associations.

Instructional Activities

Instructional activities will be determined in this stage.

Assessment Strategies

Assessment strategies will also be identified in this stage. It is possible that you may find some assessment strategies stated in the catalog descriptions. If not, you need to determine them before working on the course syllabus. We will consider Bloom's taxonomy when we identify the assessment strategies.

Course Blueprint

Course blueprint design. Click on image to see full version.

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