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Develop the Assignments

After you develop your course for the first time, your course needs to be reviewed for Quality Assurance purposes. Without the Quality Assurance Review, you won't be able to teach the course. The standards below belong to the Quality Assurance Review rubric, and they will assist you in your course development process. If you would like to learn about each standard and see some examples, please click "more info" located under each item.

Standard I.5: If appropriate, students are requested to introduce themselves to the class.
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Standard III.3: Assessments and measurement strategies provide feedback to the student.
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Standard III.4: The types of assessments selected and the methods used for submitting assessments are appropriate for the distance-learning environment.
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Standard III.5: If appropriate, self-check practice types of assignments are provided for quick student feedback.
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Standard IV.3: The purpose of the course elements (content, instructional methods, technologies, and course materials) is evident.
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Standard V.2: Learning activities foster instructor-student, content-student, and if appropriate to this course, student-student interaction.
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