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Implement Your Course From the Student's Perspective

In this step you are expected to implement your course from the student's perspective, to do this you need to change your role from university instructor to university student. To change your role, please watch the changing roles tutorial.

We will start by checking the course home. Below is the checklist to follow for the course home.

  • Check all links in the widgets such as BHSU Getting Started, News, etc. We recommend you to set the links to open in a new window and that the documents of a link are PDFs, not Word files. If the links are broken or do not open as you expected, please watch the course home tutorial to learn more about how to access the content of the widgets on your course home. Also, watch the text editor tutorials to learn how to edit content to the widgets.
  • Now, check the events widget. You may not see an event because they will not be displayed until the semester starts. Or when the semester has begun and you don´t see an event, make sure that you checked the display in calendar boxes in particular areas such as checklist.
  • In the news widget if there is missing news it is possible that there is a release condition assigned to the news item and should be satisfied. It could also be possible that your news item might be in draft status or it has a later start date. To learn more about the news widget view the news tutorial.

Now we will check the content page. Make sure that none of the links are broken, if you see any broken links please watch creating a new topic tutorial. If the topics are listed in the incorrect module, order, or name please watch the managing topics and modules tutorial.

Now look over the discussion area. Forums have bold titles and topics are indented. If you can´t see a forum you may have assigned a visibility restriction or created one without a topic. To remedy these problems view the create a new forum and create a new topic tutorials.

When you check the dropbox make sure all assignments are listed and the dropbox is open to receive submissions. If a dropbox is not open you may have set a start date, if you want to fix this view the creating dropbox assignments video.

When you check the quizzes section make sure all quizzes are available to take. If you are not able to take a quiz you may have set a start date for this, if you want to fix this, view the restrictions tab for quizzes tutorial. Also, if you have required a quiz to be taken in the Respondus Lockdown Browser you need to log in to D2L using the Lockdown Browser and change your role to university student to take the quiz.

Next, check the grades list to ensure that all grades are visible and in the correct order.

The final tab to check is the checklist. You need to make sure all your deadlines are correct. If something is not correct, view the how to create a checklist video.

An important note: if you find any broken links in the description textboxes of different components of your course you can watch the text editor tutorials to learn how to fix them.

If your course looks ready you can activate your course shell. Please watch the how to activate your course tutorial for more information.

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