Standard V.3: Clear standards are set for instructor response and availability (turn-around time for email, grade posting, etc.)

  1. You need to explicitly state when the students will receive feedback, when you are available to help them, and the anticipated turn-around time on returning graded assignments back to them.
  2. In terms of feedback, simply stating, "Email me questions and I will reply back to you," is not a sufficient statement to satisfy this standard. That said, there are many ways to satisfy this standard:
    1. Setup "virtual" office hours using the chat room, discussions or email. In that way students will know when you are available for quick feedback.
    2. Outside of these office hours, state your general turn-around time on feedback: "I check my email daily and will respond to your inquiries within twenty-four hours."
    3. For assignments, stating something to the effect of, "All papers will be graded and returned to you two weeks after the posted deadline, if not beforehand."
  3. Provide information that clearly indicates how quickly you will respond to communication and when feedback will be provided on assignments and assessments.
  4. Information should be provided for email turnaround time, time required for grade postings, discussion posting responses, how you are available for online office hours. These should be appropriate to your time frames for grading, etc.
  5. Providing this information will lessen the amount of inquiries you get on assignments and assessments.