Standard V.4: The requirements for course interaction are clearly articulated.

  1. Similar to III.2, it is helpful to list guidelines or a rubric concerning how a student's interaction with the course will be graded or evaluated.
  2. If your students are required to discuss questions or review articles in the discussion boards, it is helpful to list what is an appropriate response. For example, most instructors will agree that a student simply stating, "I agree with her," will not suffice unless the student provides arguments or statements to back up that statement. To avoid this, it is best to articulate exactly what you expect in terms of participation (e.g. student posted before deadline, posts articulated their viewpoint, etc.).
  3. On a more global level, simply state the expected participation level for the course. For example:
    1. "As this is a three-credit course, you should log into the course at least three times per week in order to keep up with discussions postings and other course activities."
    2. "Discussion times are listed in the course calendar. You are expected to be present and active in the discussions at that time. Failure to do so without prior instructor approval will result in being given no points for the assignment."
  4. Be sure to provide students a clear statement on the requirements for interaction, such as discussion board instructions. Instructions should appear at the appropriate area of the course site, assignments, discussion board, etc.
  5. Instructions for a discussion should state how often to post, how many times to respond to others’ postings, how long postings should be, the quality of comments, how they are graded, and so on.