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Event Description

Event: Pay Per Click Marketing
Date: Open Entry
Time: Open Entry
Location: Online
Cost: $1,495
Status: Open
Max Seats: Unlimited
Remaining seats: Unlimited
Hours: 150.00
Instructor: Gatlin

This nationally recognized Pay Per Click Marketing (PPC) online course and training program has been developed because of the high demand for Pay Per Click marketing specialists. Pay Per Click Marketing (PPC) is a sub-set of Search Engine Marketing, and refers to a specific type of advertising where you pay a search engine every time a potential customer clicks on your ad. These ads appear on search engine results pages and sometimes on the pages of sites within a search engine’s network of partners. A job in the paid search industry can be unbelievably lucrative. As noted recently by Jennifer Laycock of Search Engine Guide, "There are quite literally more jobs than there are skilled marketers and salaries can skyrocket to almost embarrassing levels." This extreme demand means Pay Per Click Marketers can pick and choose their jobs and/or clients. Experts in select specialties such as Pay Per Click Advertising are currently enjoying even higher demand than usual, as advertisers out-bid each other to have their site shown for popular keyword searches on Google, Yahoo! and MSN. This online certificate program is offered in partnership with major colleges, universities, and other accredited education providers.

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